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Essential Tips for Selecting Service Providers

For over 35 years, The Fire Safety Group LLC., has been assisting clients with every aspect of their life safety protection. Our goal has always been to provide our customers not only top quality products and professional services, but to ensure that those clients meet and or exceed the local codes.
Setting us apart, is our exclusive Core Compliance Armor, providing you with the most comprehensive Life Safety Protection Program available, driven by technology to lower costs, granting you the best  value, while guaranteeing compliance and providing overall Life Safety.

Having the appropriate company providing your life safety inspections is  the single most critical  part of your life safety program.  The decision of selecting a fire safety service provider is often made without understanding the consequences including lack of insurance coverage, lack of service, code violations, loss of warranty, & life safety.

It begins with our on-site technicians, each are Trained, Qualified and Certified (T.Q.C.), as required by the National Fire Protection Association.  Each are fully insured employees, and carry all of the appropriate identification badges, clearance & service credentials.  With over 100 years of experience and our extensive continued education and training programs, our technicians are regarded as the top professionals in the industry.  Equipped with all of the tools of the trade, our team of professionals stand ready to serve you.


With our automated PM Planner, our customers are ensured timely service for each of their required inspections, hence the reasoning behind our code compliance guarantees.  Understanding the code requirements is our job, and keeping our clients in compliance is our mission.  If for any reason we are late for a service, it is on us, compliance is that important to both of us.

Security Notification

Our staff managed advanced scheduling system puts our clients at ease.  Customers are alerted of upcoming services via email or text message, then notified the day prior to service with not only time of service, but the name of our inspector with their photo I.D. as well for security purposes.  We take pride in our professionalism , and you deserve it. We’re going green, not only saving environment, but increasing our efficiency and compliance reporting, while providing you with peace of mind for your life safety.”

Record Keeping

Each of our inspection reports, certificates, proposals, digital collected images, code requirements, account history & more are sent to our clients electronically and are just seconds away from our clients in any time of need.  We are your on demand compliance center, and all of your records are just a click away.


Should I Switch Providers?

Now more than ever, business owners must make the life safety decisions based on much more than good pricing.  Not all service providers are the same.  Make no mistake about it, there are many non-certified, under insured, nonqualified companies out there, none of which are acceptable by your insurance provider, let alone your local authorities. 

Now more than ever, business owners must make the life safety decisions based on what they expect out of their insurance company, and the protection that they demand is only as good as the provider who can back it up.  Understanding your business is our number one priority.  Your commitment to ensuring the proper life safety is our only pre-requisite.



Our Clients

The Fire Safety Groups clients span an array of industries from Restaurants to Hospitals. Below you will find a small sample of clients we service.


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